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Roof restoration work is quite intricate, and it would depend on the level and type of damages the roof has suffered. The damages could be because of different reasons. It might be because of the aging of the roof. Even more the elements of nature like rain. Rough usage and inappropriate maintenance could also lead to harm to roofs. Whatever might be the reason, there is a need to ensure that the roofs are appropriately maintained and restored, and this is where determining an excellent roofing professional is important. If you take a look around and do some research study, there are many reasons to believe that we could be considered as one of the best in the city and surrounding areas.
We have a unique group for roof restoration, and for this reason, you can rest assured that you are handing it over to somebody who has the right experience and competence in this matter. We also are known to use the best of tools and techniques for roof restoration. Our ultrasonic gadgets help determine harmed to roofing that could be ingrained deep. Further, we also guarantee the very best of safety requirements and also offer guarantee and service warranty for the work that we do for our important clients.

Advantages of our roof restoration services

Choosing a roof restoration with us will have many other benefits apart from restoring your roof to its former glory. They include;
• Our roof restoration is more affordable compared to roof replacement
• The service can go a long mile in increasing the value of your home or business
• There are no disturbances to your house or commercial premises because we do not remove any membrane, and if we have to, we only remove an area of it
• There are no poisonous fumes produced during the entire service considering that we utilize the low odour cold process of roof restoration; hence getting rid of any health hazards related to roof restoration.
We can repeat the restoration process on your roof, therefore optimizing its life-span
Our roof restoration process involves recycling the exact same roofing products. By doing this, we not only assist you to save some dollars on disposal costs, but we also help in conserving the environment.

The roof restoration procedure

We follow the following procedure when providing a roof restoration service;

1. Roof inspection

When it comes to your roof, we do not take chances. We understand that it is the most important element of your house; hence dealing with it needs utmost care. This is why we initially provide a thorough inspection which includes:
• Determining all the damaged gutters and shingles
• Looking for indications of water damage
• Monitoring the growth of mould and lichen
• Examining the nature of the ridges, valleys, and flashing
We do a thorough evaluation, and after we have determined the locations of concern, we discuss them with you and advice on the very best approach towards restoring your roof.

2. Roof cleansing

A filthy roof will not only make your house look ugly, but it can also provide other individuals a negative understanding of your personality. It can also lower the value of your home, in case you wish to sell it sometime in future. Our high-pressure cleansing services will remove any dirt from the roof, and will certainly provide your roof a whole new look.

3. Ridge topping

Ridge topping help in fastening loose caps, and joins slack shingles together to prevent any leakages from entering the surface area, as well as ensure the roofing, materials do not dislodge.

4. Roof Security

To prevent future issues, we use an anti-mouldrid anti-fungal biocide that will prevent mould and lichen from growing on the roof.

5. Coating

The last step of the roof restoration procedure is an overhaul covering of the roof which stabilizes it, and after that enhance it using a top quality protective roof membrane which will guarantee the longevity of the roof, and make it resistant to all weather conditions.
We utilize products that have been evaluated and approved, and on top of that, we give you warranties that improve their optimal performance.
Our supreme goal is to provide maximum client satisfaction; hence we will be reluctant to leave until you assure us that you are totally satisfied with our services.
If you wish to enhance and secure your home or business with reputable and quality roof restoration services, give us a call today, and we shall be glad to get started immediately.